Stop! You May Be A Grandma But You Don't Need To Look Like One!

             I may be a grandma but I don't want to look like one

I was only 39.  I woke up one morning after having had a long, stressful and busy day.  I looked in the mirror and...

...Crow's feet! Wrinkles! Even eye bags! Where did they come from? I mean, they were already there but they seemed so noticeable now. For me, these were the first signs that I really was getting older!

I wasn't horrified, just a little depressed. How did you feel? I was beginning to look like my mother and I wasn't really ready for it.  I ignored it and hoped that life would slow down, I'd get a few better nights of sleep, and the eye bags would be gone.

Of course life just got busier and my sleep didn't improve.  I began to keep my eyes and ears open for a solution and eventually bought my first anti aging products.

Fast forward ten years and I can tell from past photos of myself that the shelf full of creams, serums and lotions I had gathered weren't much help.  I still looked younger than most of my friends (I sure worked hard for it!) but I wanted something better...  I even tried Botox.  Once.

Then I met 'Cindy'. 

I was attending an annual charity fundraiser and was surprised to see someone so young on the team.  Usually our team consisted of ladies around my own age, but Cindy looked to be in her early 40's.  

I became friends with Cindy, whose family is from South Korea, and found out she was 52 and a Grandmother!  She was barely younger than myself.  At some point, the topic came up, and I asked her about her 'secret'.  The next time we met for lunch she gave me a small box with two syringe-looking things in it.

"It's not a needle", she assured me, "It's my 'secret' serum - from Korea."

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I'll be forever grateful (as you will be) to Cindy for letting me in on her 'secret', because after only the first time using her serum, I could see it was working better than anything I had used in the last ten years.

After about a month of using it, I could see dramatic improvement.

  • Wrinkles around my eyes had diminished.
  • Fine lines were nearly invisible and eye bags didn't stand out anymore.
  • My coloring was consistent and even, and age spots had disappeared.
  • My skin looked and felt younger and had a youthful 'glow' to it.  
  • My pores had shrunk and my skin was tighter and firmer.

And it was so easy to use and only took a few minutes each morning!

I'm not trying to impress men anymore nor am I trying to win a beauty pageant.  I just want to look good because it makes me FEEL good.  Avoiding Botox or a face lift is an added bonus.

Another little benefit is revealing my 'secret' to my friends and seeing their faces after giving them a demo!

If you are like me, then I know you will love the ease of use and instant results that will make you smile. 

I no longer buy dozens of lotions and potions and painful Botox injections so I actually SAVE money.

Try Cellzyme On-Tox today, don't wait until you've spent thousands on cheaper products that don't work and age another year while trying.

With Love,

Marie Coates


Get a Micro-needle derma roller or Micro-needle eye patches.  They will increase the absorption by 4X giving you amazing results that have been proven in recent studies. I use the patches with Cellzyme once a month.

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