2 Pack AZDENT Bamboo Charcoal Tooth Whitening Powder

2 Pack AZDENT Bamboo Charcoal Tooth Whitening Powder

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Ingredients: Activated Bamboo Charcoal

Used for: Teeth whitening, and oral health.




Bamboo tooth powder is a powerful formula for naturally whitening and removing stains. A healthy alternative for whiter teeth and healthy gums without fluoride or bleach. Safely cleans and polishes teeth, strengthens enamel, improves gum health and freshens breath. Removes coffee, tea, wine and tobacco stains.



1.Wet your toothbrush and dab it with powder, the powder is fresh mint flavor.

2.Gently brush your teeth for two minutes, 360° whitening.

3.Brush again with water to remove residue, deeply cleaning.

4.Enjoy your whiter teeth and brighter smile!

5.Brush twice a day. Effects are best after several weeks of use.



1. Containing HCS Whitening Ingredient:

    Helps remove stains from smoking and drinking tea or coffee more effectively.


2. Unique DTS Active Formula:

    The formula whitens the teeth in depth and prevents stains from forming.


3. Double-Effective Protective Formula:

    While whitening the teeth, the formula could prevent new color pigment from attaching to your teeth, so as to ensure your healthy and confident smile.


4. Cool Mint Flavor:

    The icy mint flavor helps eliminate ozostomia, prevent dental plaque, and provide you with fresh breath.


Function of Tooth Powder:

1.Whiten your teeth completely and naturally. Remove tartar and odor, leaving your mouth clean and fresh.

2.Keeps your gums healthy. Long-term use of this product helps keep periodontal problems away.


Package include

2*60g Containers of Bamboo tooth powder