Chaga Mushroom Powder (Wildcrafted) 70G.
Chaga Mushroom Powder (Wildcrafted) 70G.
Chaga Mushroom Powder (Wildcrafted) 70G.
Chaga Mushroom Powder (Wildcrafted) 70G.
Chaga Mushroom Powder (Wildcrafted) 70G.
Chaga Mushroom Powder (Wildcrafted) 70G.

Chaga Mushroom Powder (Wildcrafted) 70g.

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King Healer Mushroom

Chaga mushroom is a legendary tonic food. It has been acknowledged in traditional medicine and in modern scientific studies to have magnificent healing properties. Historically, Chaga mushroom has been known as the "King of Plants"  in China, "Diamond of the Forest" in Japan and is the cornerstone of the Siberian shamanic healing tradition.
Chaga is particularly special in that it grows on living Birch trees taking 15-20 years to reach maturity. Over this time it concentrates many important nutrients and enzymes from the tree and brings them into a form we can consume to support our bodies health. 
In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chaga is considered a Chi Tonic and is reputed to contain adaptogenic qualities which modulate immune responses.
Chaga has high levels of B-Vitamins, flavonoids, enzymes, minerals, and phenols and contains some of the highest known concentrations of antioxidants of any food, such as Melanin. Chaga is also a rich source of Zinc, an essential nutrient for cell growth, differentiation and survival as well as Germanium. 
SunPotion Chaga is wildcrafted in remote parts of Northern Canada where the cold winters work to concentrate the beneficial compounds in the mushroom. Chaga contains both water and alcohol soluble compounds and at Sun Potion we follow the classic way of consuming Chaga through a slow-cooked tea.
  • A powerful adaptogen

  •  promotes overall well-being

  •  a strong source of energy

  •  rich source of B-vitamins

We recommend simmering Chaga at a low temperature for 6-8 hours ( do not exceed 140 degrees Fahrenheit because it begins to denature some of its chemical constituents). Once the time is reached, strain and enjoy as a tea, hot or cool. For those on-the-go, it is appropriate to place a tsp. of Chaga in your warm beverage of choice. 

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