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Carbon 60 (C60) Olive Oil Health Benefits

Supplementing with Carbon 60 is most commonly done by taking it by mouth in a form mixed with some kind of food grade oil.  Carbon 60 olive oil is currently the preferred choice, but there are alternatives such as sunflower oil, coconut oil, and avocado oil.  Olive oil on its own has documented health benefits and is very stable.  it is therefore the reason Slick60 is made with traceable to source Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Not all Extra Virgin Olive Oils are extra virgin! Read! Carbon 60 is also known as Buckminsterfullerene, Fullerene, or simply C-60. Most of the derivatives of C60 used in the studies referenced in this article are different from Slick60 olive oil so the benefits might not...

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Don't Confuse OIL, LIPIDS, & FAT - A Brief on Oil / Lecithin / Fat

WHAT WE WISH WE REMEMBERED FROM SCIENCE CLASS (OR, WHAT WAS NEVER TAUGHT) Note: The goal of this article is to remain brief and informative using layman's terms. Much of what is said here is fuzzy (as is everything in science if you look at the details) but it is the only way we can build any structure of this in our brain to remain in memory.  FAT is a bad word. Literally. We should rename it TRIG or something along those lines. Why? Because it is misused and misunderstood and you'll soon see why. The spare tire around our waist is also called FAT, but is referring to cells specialized in storing TRIGs as energy (a.k.a. Adipose Tissue). Because...

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