Slick60 Dosing Suggestions

There are several ways people have reported to use Carbon 60.  Here are some of the tips we have collected.

Don't take Carbon 60 in raw form.

If you have purchased Carbon 60 powder, never ingest Carbon 60 in it's powder or dry form.  Although it is not known to be harmful, taking it raw does not have any known health benefits. The C60 will simply pass through, resulting in expensive urine.

Drink Plenty of Water

Because Slick60's detoxifying nature, you should drink plenty of good, clean water while using it to help flush out toxins effectively.

Don't Like the Taste?

If you don't like the taste, or it makes you gag, try taking a mouthful of water or juice with it, and chase it down with a little more water or juice.  If you still can't handle it, you can still get the full benefits with our Water Based Formula, 'Elixir of Life'.  It has no taste and is simply mixed 1 dropperful to 1 Liter of water and consumed throughout the day.

Starting Out

Taking a larger dose for about a week will help you feel the effects of Slick60 more vividly.  This will help you establish a baseline so when you lower your dose, you will know what your target is.

Take A Break

Many folks find it helpful to take a break for a week or two after using Slick60 for a few months.  Its easy to forget the benefits as you adapt to a new normal.  This can help you re-evaluate your health and make adjustments.

This process of cycling is often recommended by experts as it may help to prevent your body from becoming reliant on a supplement and using it as a 'crutch'.

When is the Best Time to Take Slick60?

The morning is probably the best time, as it gives you a 'boost' to start off your day and clears your mind.  Another dose in the afternoon can help fend off the after lunch drowsiness.  Many people prefer not to take it before bed as it may be too stimulating and prevent sleep.


Many people have reported that a double dose of Slick60 can ease the side effects of over-imbibing ethanol infused beverages.