Carbon 60 Olive Oil Dosing Suggestions

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Dosing Carbon 60 olive oil requires a bit of testing to find what works best for you.  Start by taking 1 dropperful 2 times/day and increase the amount until you feel some effects such as:

  • Energy. You feel strong through the whole day.
  • Mental focus increases.  You can focus on tasks.
  • Confidence.  Many people report a feeling of increased confidence.
  • Long suffering/Mindfulness.  Some people say they are more forgiving and can 'suffer fools more kindly'.
  • Contentment.  You may feel a greater level of contentment and peace.
  • Less sleep needed.  Many report that they need less sleep or can function fully with less sleep.

Once you've reached a level where you get results, you can either maintain that dose or try lowering it to see if you still get the same effects.  

Remember that once you achieve the results you want, the 'high' will become your new normal, and you might think that it's not working anymore or you don't need to take any more.  This is a common mistake made by people on antidepressants or other drugs where the person thinks that they're better now and quit taking their medication, only to backslide again. It's not dangerous to quit, just pay attention to how you feel and ask the question 'Did I feel better with the Slic60?'.

Don't be cheap!  Some people try to stretch their bottle as long as possible and therefore never reach a dose that they can feel.  Find your dosage first!

Alternative Dosing

Here are some alternative dosing suggestions that have been reported.  These may be more effective for your situation and are worth trying.

Once A Week:

This involves taking a large dose once per week.  Some people with health challenges take a whole 100ml bottle throughout the entire day once per week.  This seems to be effective to saturate the tissues with carbon 60 and mop up toxins that have accumulated over the week and give your body a chance to catch up with repair, rather than spending all it's resources on maintenance and survival.  This method may be very good if you have any health challenges. 

Warning! Taking a large dose over a short period of time may cause an explosive bowel movement, so be warned and start small and work your way up.

Once A Month:

Similar to the Once A Week protocol, this is simply taking a larger dose once or twice per month.  This may be more affordable for many people, but it's probably not as effective as doing the Once A Week protocol.


If you're just looking to clean up and detox occasionally and aren't having any real health issues, this might be the easy way to go.  Use a whole bottle up in a short period of time, such as a few days, and do it 2-4 times per year.  Kinda like an oil change on your vehicle.


This might be the best all round method.  Take a small dose daily or a few times per week and a large dose once per month or so.  This way you get the benefits of daily protection and the larger doses can help for a deeper, more thorough tune up.

Carbon 60 in olive oil is still a new approach to wellness so there is still much to be learned from it.  Please make an effort to report your experiences whether good or bad so we can all share the knowledge and benefit from it.  You can do so by adding a review at

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